Hey there! I'm Brittany

I'm on a mission to put an end to the hustle harder mentality. If you're looking to scale a business you're passionate about, but not willing to sacrifice your family time or quality of life, then you're in the right place!

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Hey there! I'm Brittany

I'm on a mission to put an end to the hustle harder mentality. If you're looking to grow a business you're passionate about, but not willing to sacrifice your family time or quality of life, then you're in the right place. 

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You Crave Something More. . .

For yourself, for your family, for your life. You fantasize about having more time with your loved ones. Being able to pick up and go anywhere at the drop of a hat. You dream of not only having a business of your own, but one that gets you excited to start your day. One you are fiercely passionate about and one that makes an impact and is wildly successful. 

It's Time to Ditch the Hustle...

You built a business you’re passionate about, but now are you left logging more hours than you imagined? Feel like you’re burnt out and treading water only to see little to no results? Not to mention you no longer understand the meaning of free time [insert serious groan here]…

It’s time to get a lending hand to get you back on track to a simply happy business- and in turn, a simply happy life.  Here you will find we are NOT about that hustle life and not only are we allergic to busy work, but we make you cross it off your to do list for good. I teach proven profit-focused strategies that get you real results. My goal is to help you grow your revenue without increasing your workload. So you can get back to doing what you love.

My Story...

I started a fashion line fresh out of university on my well loved sewing machine, in my studio apartment that was above a garage I rented from my parents. I did everything I could think of to get my name out there with little to no money to fund it. Fast forward just one year and I had been featured on TV, the radio, shown in Fashion Weeks across America and was running a million dollar retail company. We had six stores spread out across the States.

This is what I had dreamed of. Only thing was... it didn’t feel like I thought it would. I was working nonstop, and felt like my days consisted of everything but designing, my passion. Answering employee and customer emails into the wee hours of the morning, monitoring shipments, setting up store layouts and never taking a weekend off. The to do list felt never ending and I was terrified if I stopped working the whole thing would come crashing down around me. It wasn’t until I started a family that I truly started to appreciate the value of my time. The hustle lifestyle didn’t work for me.

I knew how to run a successful business, but I was burnt out. I made the decision I wanted to have a life I could actually enjoy and what's more I wanted my working days to be filled with the things I was passionate about again. Because what's the point of running your own business if you don't actually enjoy it?

I restructured my entire business model and got it solely online. The entire back-end had to be reworked and smarter systems and automations put in place so it worked for me. Not the other way around.

Now, I have the freedom I craved. I choose when and where I work. And the days (or even weeks!) I decide to take off just because- and my business keeps humming along smoothly.

I knew so many busy entrepreneurs could benefit from this and it would be utterly life changing like it has been for me. It’s all about working smarter, not harder to achieve your goals. In streamlining processes, automation, outsourcing and all things evergreen I make it as simple and efficient as possible so you can spend less time working and more time living. Because in the end that’s what it’s all about, right? 

There are so many entrepreneurs that have sacrificed their dreams to raise a family or sacrificed their treasured family time to be successful in their business. At Simply Happy Life we not only know you can have both, we help you get it.

I have guided so many entrepreneurs through building and scaling their business born from their own passions. From start ups to experienced entrepreneurs, I help them lay the proper foundation and to create custom smarter systems that allow for uncapped growth without the huge time commitment. Businesses are made successful by doing the right strategic steps with a lot of heart, not by spending every waking hour working in it. 

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